Orchard Walkaround

Walked around in Orchard road, still a long way to polish for street photography skill.

Using a 35mm prime lens, think i need to stick to this lens for the entire year and get familiar with the focal length until the “mature” time that i am able to visualize what subject to be filled up my full frame.

One thing that came to my mine when i was walking down the street,

“…the shorter focal length, the bigger your ball has to be” by a famous hobbyist street photographer ‘Thomas Leuthard‘.

was trying to get the shot with some candid moment, no matter how i still missed it, at least i have seen it right in front of my eyes. Struggling hard and learning to overcome my fear to take photo shot on stranger and passerby. Probably gonna have some alcoholic drink before the shot.

It was difficult to get Eye contact !

Look at him (ear piercing), doesn’t he feel pain, do him ?



One Response to “Orchard Walkaround”

  1. joanncutie Says:

    Are you at the orchard yesterday? I was there yesterday practiced shooting 🙂

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