A gift from a friend (5D Mark II USB)

As a saying goes, A Friend in need is a friend indeed. Throughout years of observation, there is an emerging population group in Singapore, who leave their country to look for better opportunity, they force to learn different culture locally in order to embed into the community better. They are overwhelming, friendly, no communication and language barrier with other races…The Filipino

I am glad to have a close Filipino friend as well.

Here was the brief history of friendship…

  • An anonymous -> a newly transferred colleague -> a close friend.

A gift was given by a close Filipino lady who was just came back from her hometown.

I was surprised that my humble camera was still remembered by her. A souvenir of 5D II !!!

Thank you very much !

Gift box in blue ribbon

A Canon EOS 5D Mark II USB … WoW what a surprise !


One Response to “A gift from a friend (5D Mark II USB)”

  1. joanncutie Says:

    oh my gosh! I was surprised also ! ! ! I wasn’t expecting that you were going to Post it here in your blog…

    I’m glad that you really appreciate the souvenir “a gift” for you…

    The paragraph that you wrote is not just explained the gift alone but the thought of giving nice words for me as a person and other Filipino as well…

    You really cheered up my day…make my day very Happy…
    Thank you very much also…<3 🙂

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