Guitar Buying

Today is the day of buying Guitar. An ex-colleague has been nagging me, asking me to accompany her for guitar buying just because she was recently fascinated with an old popular Hong Kong group band back in 80’s, called BEYOND

I was started to play guitar since the age of 16 in high school, very similar situation as her, the first Chinese rock group band in Hong Kong with lot of meaningful and inspiring pop song which captivated many guitarist on that time (including myself).

Without wasting time for today mission, Let’s  hunt for Guitar !!!

Her name is Slyvia Sutiono (Indonesian Chinese)

#1 Happy going lucky type

#2 Sometimes she is paranoid (even holding a peanut/choco muffin)

#3 Seen a great deal of Guitar on sales !

#4 And she was entering it…

#5 Testing the guitar and acting Pro

#6 Thanks for the lady teacher/sales who helped to explain and convince (psycho)  her to purchase it

#7 finally, she bought it happily

#8 Let the real Guru show you how to play Guitar

#9 NO !!! I am lousy !

#10 D Major chord

Well done Sylvia, i hope that you are not half-hearted kind of person…please continue your passion of playing Guitar.

One day, you will be able to join my group band as well. Strum and sing along, solo plucking… it is cool right ?!!




2 Responses to “Guitar Buying”

  1. christine Says:

    HI, may I have the contact no of Sylvia sutiono. I just wanna say hi to my old friend.. Please reply my email soon. Thanks

  2. gunston Says:

    Send me a mail

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