SG Henderson Wave Bridge & Mount Faber

A buddy came over from MY to spend this time in SG, and suggested walkaround destination to Henderson Wave Bridge

It is the highest bridge pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

You may Find out more from official webpage

We arrived and met in the Outram Park MRT, headed to the opposite bus stop and waited a bus to Henderson Bridge.

Without hesitation, took out my cam and did few shot while waiting.

Street shot 1



And a cool guy who was checking the bus route… Mr. Kevin Lee

When we reached, first thing first was to check out the directory board

Here were the Scene on bridge



#3 shooting couple

Kevin was busy shooting (holding with his sister “pink” umbrella)

On Henderson Bridge scene 1

On Henderson Bridge scene 2



Tourists were checking map

Korean Tourists were surrounding on artificial wishing tree

shipyard in 1900 century

Kevin was below the bell (taken from shipyard)

Kevin was leaning against the bell

Cable Car

Old cable car

Angry birds inside cable car !

angry bird bottles

Kid on telescope

Couple were resting before the sunset

and before we left, Kevin wanted to physically Geotag his location without using the Google Map from phone

We were here in Mount Faber Park (finger pointing)!


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