A photo taken 2 years ago

If i still can recall well, Kevin and his mum were visiting SG because of his sister new born twin baby girls.

Details of Photo taken

Venue: Tom n Toms coffee in Vivocity

Date: 30th May 2010

Person Tagged (from left): Myself, Kevin, Kevin’s Mum and my lovely mummy


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7 Responses to “A photo taken 2 years ago”

  1. gunston Says:

    Many people do comment that

  2. Kevster Ly Says:

    Oi. this using ur quality camera and quality skill or not? post without telling me also.

  3. Kevster Ly Says:

    like all the expressions: Gunston laughing like clown, me looking blur, my mom trying to look smooth, ur mom looking blissful

  4. gunston Says:

    old photo from my album

  5. gunston Says:


  6. Kevster Ly Says:

    i got older ones. u want?

  7. gunston Says:

    send me

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