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Trishaw man

December 30, 2012

Trishaw Man


Flea market

December 30, 2012

flea market sit leisurely

flea market walking uncle

Night Macro Experience

December 30, 2012

I was persuaded by a “Photograhy khaki” (hardcore amateur photographer) to join him for night macro photography at Lower Peirce near UPP THOMSON road, eventhough i don’t have a suitable macro lens. It would be a great adventure with experienced partner to do night macro. Personally, don’t feel comfortable in such kind of “totally” dark environment for photography, not my cup of tea after all. So at the end of the macro photography, i have concluded that it will be my 1st and last experience to do night macro photography especially in reserved jungle at night !

Night macro photography basically needs a lot of patience in search of rare insects, because most of the insects do come out at night, especially it was just rained at night. We have hunted quite a number of insects and taken by “hardcore” partners, and luckily some other “things” was not being hunted !

Well, i don’t have any macro photos to be shared here except the night adventure scene of how we searched the insect…

Night macro equipment preparation, after dinner at curry house nearby lower Peirce trail

Night Macro preparation1

Night Macro preparation2

Night Macro preparation3


Entrance to Lower Peirce

Lower Pierce Trair

Lower pieerce insect directory board


Hunting for insects

Night Macro hunting1

Night Macro hunting2

Night Macro hunting3

Night Macro hunting4


Night macro scene

night macro2

night macro

night macro3

night macro4

Before the end of boxing day

December 26, 2012

hey, before the end of boxing day…

look at my Ferrero Rocher chocolate which will make me fatter in the end of 2012 !!!

Reffero Rocher at boxing day

Piggy going for G2000 sales

December 25, 2012

A G2000 promotional card was received exclusively for UOB credit card members with the discount rate max at 15% !!

Let’s go for shopping piggy !

G2000 sales

An inspiration tree from India

December 22, 2012

Longenity Tree

Leifuoly (Leica Fuji Olympus)

December 14, 2012

Found a nice hot shoe accessory for this. It is said will help improve the AF in low light by 10.343%
It helpz undecisive people who is considering either an X-E1 or OMD EM5 or Leica M9 to just get all in one camera!


Street bandit

December 4, 2012

Zone focus @ 1.5m quick shot when he “street bandit” passed by me.

street bandit

She was annoyed !

December 2, 2012

A street performer was annoyed by my action… =(