Don’t tie me down !?

Do i hate my job… No, i definitely do love it much than other people do. Unfortunately, the devastated working environment with indecisive/bias/non-capable/re-active/short vision/lack inspiration & slack management always force me to move a step forward.

And now,

it is time to flip over the recruitment page after 6 yrs with no foresee advancement in the same company…

it is time to seek for potential employment with balance work life and high $$$ remuneration in return.

One of the resolution for 2013 !

recruitment page


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2 Responses to “Don’t tie me down !?”

  1. tomzimmer Says:

    Here I thought these problems only happened where I work. Silly me. Now that 9 months have passed, I hope you found the job you were looking for?

  2. gunston Says:

    Hi, thanks for your replied.
    In fact, not yet, an ideal job is actually not exist at all. I am acquiring some new skills and cert in order to switch industry to work on something that I like.

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