Back to 1952 (a vintage lens)

Today, i am gonna share my thought of this little vintage gems. not a official review though.

It is Canon 50mm f1.5 LTM which was produced in 1952.

Smooth focus and tactile aperture click. A well made vintage lens.

L2 L1

Find out more for Lens specification


#1 (leica buddy)


first shot with wide open without UV/IR filter. it is “bokehlicious”









#6 (to be a pharmacist)


#7 (2 dolls)


#8 (a rainy morning in Orchard street)



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3 Responses to “Back to 1952 (a vintage lens)”

  1. jo-cute Says:

    awesome 🙂

  2. talktog Says:

    Cool. A nice looking lens indeed. Are you in Japan now? It’s hard to find a nice one here in UK. I don’t really trust evil bay stuff and I rather see the lens myself especially when it’s a vintage.

  3. gunston Says:

    Nope, I am in SG now. Lens was bought from Japan

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